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Portfolio management system

The core product is DLM's in-house developed portfolio management platform. Trade Manager, which meanwhile has become a standard for fund managers who invest in developing markets. Trade Manager provides Fund-, Risk-, and Treasury Management solutions. The system is used to manage USD 22 Bln in outstanding transactions in 69 currencies for 56 clients

Treasury operations

Even the best system is useless unless you have someone to use it. Whilst your investment team may find one good opportunity after another - the back office, administration, finance team may be understaffed, missing a skillset or not be in place at all.

DLM’s treasury operations team is ready to take over this hassle for you, allowing you to focus on the core of your business. DLM is ready to get you started, to split up responsibilities and work alongside your team. In other words, DLM adapts to your needs, allowing you to set up your organisation in the way you like.


We've created a sophisticated solution to input, manage and control your portfolio utilizing advanced technologies like Mendix, Azure and AWS.

We've automated a plethora of processess, analyses and calculations, allow integrations with any other system, while ensuring the highest level of availablility, security and protection.

Meet the Trade Manager

The Trade Manager (TM) is a cutting edge tool that allows you to input, monitor and integrate deals specialized for the development market. Below find a handful of examples of what the TM can do:

· Proper administration of your investments
· Capturing and controlling the pipeline
· Monitoring of all upcoming incoming/outgoing cash flows and trigger actions
· Preparation of the disbursements in your online bank environment
· Sending out invoices (for interest/amortisations) to your customers
· Monitoring of covenants/conditions precedent
· Reconciliation of the payments received at the bank
· Tracking SDG impact parameters of your investments
· Accounting for the fund to your accounting standards

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