As per 25 May 2018 a new privacy regulation (GDPR) has become effective in the European Union with the aim to protect the personal data of individuals. As a consequence we have updated our privacy policy to reflect the requirements of this policy.

The highlights of this policy are:
- We protect your data with technical and procedural measures and ensure that data is only visible to authorised persons
- We encourage you not to store personal data in DLM's systems and where you do, we encourage you to review the necessity to keep these data regularly
- We store data in the European Economic Area only
- DLM staff are screened as part of the hiring process
- DLM staff are aware and trained in data protection requirements
- In case of a breach of security of the data we notify the affected parties immediately

Note that DLM has always subscribed to these standards, also before GDPR. Therefore DLM's systems and services fully comply with the GDPR regulation.